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Sales Planning
Forming A Sales Action Plan for Your New Sales Territory PDF Print E-mail
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Territory Plan

Don't Repeat Someone Else's Mistakes from 2008 in 2009

2008 is over, and 2009 is just beginning; and if you're a sales professional, this could mean more than just a new set of resolutions and a new tacky calendar to hang from your office wall. Many companies choose this time of the year as their moment to reassign salespeople to new sales territories. You might soon face, or already are facing, the prospect of creating a totally new sales plan to manage an unknown sales territory. For some sales professionals this can be overwhelming, especially since reassignments are usually targeted at already under-performing territories.

How can you, as a salesperson or sales manager, take action to turn around a formerly stagnant sales territory and turn it into a profit generating powerhouse?
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