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Six Tips for Getting Back on Track Now! PDF Print E-mail
Sales Skills & Training - Sales Methodologies

Tim Wackle imageDeal or No Deal?
Six Tips for Getting Back on Track Now!

How can you capitalize on more deals and minimize the number of no deals for the remainder of year? Here are six quick tips that have been used by successful sales professionals throughout history. I can’t guarantee they will work for you, but I can guarantee that they work!
Stop dropping your price!  
Dropping your prices is one of the easiest ways to try and win business when times are tough.  Although price concessions can be valuable in winning key opportunities, they can easily become a crutch that masks other problems. When you sell on price you are simply renting the customer’s
business, when you sell on value you own it. Work on communicating value with each and every touch point. Why, given all of the competitive alternatives available, should this customer want to do business with you now?

Fire Ready Aim PDF Print E-mail
Sales Cycle - Qualification

Fire Ready Aim

First Aired Episode 18 January 23th 2006


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Mike: What is the topic of the show today?

Joe: Fire Ready Aim.

Mike: That's right, Territory Planning. Alright, so let's start talking about Territory Planning. Before we get started into Territory Planning, I just wanted to kind of preface the show with the notion of, why it's important to do Territory Planning, because I think most sales people approach Territory Planning as a necessary evil. Their bosses come to them, oh, you got to put together this Territory Plan, and I don't know why I got to spend my time putting together these document, and it's a real pain in the butt. But in my mind if you have done this- if you have been in sales long enough, you start to realize the value of Territory Planning. You can't get anywhere unless you know where you are going to begin with.

Lessons from the Back Seat of a Cab PDF Print E-mail
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Sales Skills & Training - Communication

Tim Wackle ImageWhat Every Sales Professional Needs to Know!

I’m writing to you from room 1009 in the Schaumburg Marriott located outside of Chicago. Tomorrow I get the privilege of delivering one of my favorite workshops on presentation skills. Although I’m tempted to share all of the great benefits of this wonderful program, I have a more interesting (and compelling) message that I believe you’ll enjoy and find value in.  
Question: What could a simple cab ride have to do with becoming a better sales professional?
Answer: Almost everything!
After landing at O’Hare today and gathering all of my gear, I headed curbside to grab a cab. I’ve probably done this drill a hundred times, but today was different.
My cab pulled up and the driver gets out, walks around to the trunk, takes one look at my gear (think 50 pound case filled with camera, tripod, microphone, materials) and just grunts at me. Immediately I feel like I’ve done something to offend him.  
Feeling guilty, I help him wrestle my bag into a trunk that is already jam-packed (where did all of this other stuff come from?). He slams the trunk lid shut as I sink into the back seat feeling  embarrassed that I actually have luggage. 
Forming A Sales Action Plan for Your New Sales Territory PDF Print E-mail
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Sales Planning - Territory Plan

Don't Repeat Someone Else's Mistakes from 2008 in 2009

2008 is over, and 2009 is just beginning; and if you're a sales professional, this could mean more than just a new set of resolutions and a new tacky calendar to hang from your office wall. Many companies choose this time of the year as their moment to reassign salespeople to new sales territories. You might soon face, or already are facing, the prospect of creating a totally new sales plan to manage an unknown sales territory. For some sales professionals this can be overwhelming, especially since reassignments are usually targeted at already under-performing territories.

How can you, as a salesperson or sales manager, take action to turn around a formerly stagnant sales territory and turn it into a profit generating powerhouse?
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