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Boost Your Sales Commissions 5 Negotiating Tips to Increase Your Deal Size PDF Print E-mail
Sales Cycle - Negotiation
Written by Joe   

Getting the Most Dollars Out of Each Sale

How To Avoid Getting Chewed Up
in the Negotiation Process

Your negotiation skills will make or break you as a sales professional.

Even if you make more deals than anyone else in your company, if your deals are negotiated poorly, you will perform poorly overall. At the end of the sales cycle, it will not be the number of deals that you have won, but the overall cash value of your deals that will matter. This makes having top negotiation skills essential to not only your success as a sales professional, but to your very survival.

Are You a Telemarketer or a Tele Advisor? PDF Print E-mail
Prospecting - Cold Calling
Written by Joe   

Man on PhoneSix Ways to Heat Up Your Cold Calling

You know those annoying phone calls that you get at home during dinner? Calls from people you don’t know who sound like they are reading from a poorly written script selling you magazines that you don’t even want or need?

Telemarketers. They usually accomplish little more than annoying their potential customers. If you are in the complex sales business, this is the type of model that you want to avoid. Telemarketers fail because they don’t know their customer. Know your customer, and you can make the transition from telemarketer to Trusted Advisor, a person who your client trusts to deliver them solutions that are actually relevant to their business.If you prepare your cold calls using traditional methods, you will sound like a telemarketer. The biggest mistake that most sales professionals make when preparing to make a cold call is to write out a generic script that is supposed to work for any customer. This will make your call sound mechanical and unappealing to the prospect. Furthermore, if you haven’t done the proper research on your customer, you won’t know what type of products you should be pushing or who in the company you should be talking to.

Don’t Negotiate With Yourself! PDF Print E-mail
Sales Cycle - Negotiation
Written by Joe   
Games Customers Play and How to Win Them

How Not to Destroy
Your Deal Size
When Negotiating Price!

Most sales professionals do not go into a sales cycle thinking, “What is the best way that I can completely destroy the value of this sale?” This would be self-destructive and totally counterintuitive. Nevertheless, a huge number of sales professionals engage regularly in the one activity that is the most likely to do just this. They negotiate with themselves.

Games Customers Play and How to Win Them PDF Print E-mail
Sales Cycle - Negotiation
Written by Joe   

Sales negotiations can be a fierce game. Just when you think that you’ve won, you’re customer pulls a new trick out of their sleeve and trumps your hand. In complex sales, this is a constant occurrence. As a sales person the best thing that you can do to keep your negotiations game in top shape is to anticipate the cards that your customer is holding before they even put them on the table.This type of clairvoyant anticipation is best achieved through years of experience playing the negotiations game. However, even if you are a newcomer to the world of complex sales, there are steps that you can take to make yourself think more like a seasoned player. You should try talking to people at your organization who’ve been playing the game for years and referencing out free sales training resources like SalesRoundup.com for extra help.

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