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The SalesRoundup Podcast
The Manager's Guide to a New Sales Territory Plan PDF Print E-mail
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Management and Coaching - Organizational Planning
Written by Mike & Joe   

Episode ImageSix Steps for Planning a Sales Performance Turnaround

If you are a sales manager who has just been assigned to a new sales territory, it is crucial that you act quickly to turn performance around. When a sales territory is assigned a new manager, it is almost always because the old manager had been following a set of tracks heading straight towards inefficiency and sale disaster. This means that the status quo has not been working, and it is going to be up to you to turn the train around, establish a working sales methodology, and start your territory onto the road to success.

In order to make this happen, you need to act quickly and correctly during your first 90 days as manager. The six steps listed below are the first things you should do.
Schooled by a Shoe Salesman PDF Print E-mail
Sales Cycle - Discovery
Written by Tim Wackel   

Tim WackelTurning a Simple Shopping Trip into a Great Learning Experience

My wife and I are the proud parents of two great kids—a teenage son and daughter. Our daughter is getting ready to start college next week, and our son is like almost every other 15 year old, living life large with lots of attention on comfort and few worries about appearance.  
Last week I promised my son, Nicholas, that I would take him to the mall to buy new shoes. He loves to wear athletic shoes (or is still okay to call them sneakers?) and prefers to wear them until they fall apart at the seams.  
This shopping trip was going to be different because Nicholas decided he would expand his closet and buy a pair of Top-Siders (seems that these are making a bit of a come back on high school campuses). I figured we could find these at almost any department store but was surprised to find only one store in the mall that carried a variety of sizes and styles that he was interested in. 

Six Steps to Sell More Now! PDF Print E-mail
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Sales Skills & Training - Communication

Tim WackelThe last several months have been very interesting if you’re a political enthusiast. I’ve watched candidates travel
across the country, shaking hands, kissing babies and spending millions of dollars trying to win their party’s nomination.
There is an abundance of talking heads analyzing every move that the candidates make. Most of it has become information overload to me, but I’m very intrigued with the concept of the exit polls. These quick and painless interviews are used to collect data and find out why people voted as they did.
So how can you use exit polls to help sell more?
Unfortunately there are many sales people who believe the selling process ends as soon as the ink on the contract is dry. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Why work countless hours to win the business and then disengage once the order is received? This is your opportunity to shine! Follow-up is a key to sales success, and implementing your own exit poll should be just one tactic in your overall methodology.

Three Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever! PDF Print E-mail
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A Sales Lifestyle - Personal

Tim WackelSelling can be a very difficult profession. There is constant pressure to find new opportunities, close existing deals, build customer relationships, manage channels, negotiate contracts, play nicely with the factory, get paperwork in on time and always have your car looking good in case the boss decides to visit accounts with you.
It amazes me when I think about all the “stuff” you need to accomplish to be truly successful in selling. Where did you learn how to do all of this? How did you successfully develop the right skills and attitudes?  And where in the world do you get the energy to get all of this done and still find time to be a Mom, Dad, Husband, Wife, Daughter, Son or Friend?
Few universities offer degrees in professional selling and most in-house sales training barely scratches the surface of what you really need to master. Eventually most of you figure it out… especially if you enjoy receiving a regular paycheck. The school of hard knocks is a difficult master that I’m not ashamed to admit I accidentally still visit even though I bring more than 20 years experience to every call. 
Good news! Turns out there is a better way to enjoy more success. It doesn’t require your boss’s approval, you don’t need to lay out a lot of cash and it takes just an hour of your time. Sound simple? You bet, but for many of you it won’t be easy. What I’m about to share has changed my life and I’m confident it can change yours.

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