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Boost Your Sales Commissions 5 negotiating to increase your deal size PDF Print E-mail
Sales Cycle - Negotiation
Written by Mike & Joe   

Open DoorGetting the Most Dollars Out of Each Sale:

How To Avoid Getting Chewed Up in the Negotiation Process

Your negotiation skills will make or break you as a sales professional.

Even if you make more deals than anyone else in your company, if your deals are negotiated poorly, you will perform poorly overall. At the end of the sales cycle, it will not be the number of deals that you have won, but the overall cash value of your deals that will matter. This makes having top negotiation skills essential to not only your success as a sales professional, but to your very survival.

Here's what you can do to improve your negotiation skills and make sure that the money you win on each deal is commensurate with the level of effort you put in:
Don't Negotiate With Yourself! PDF Print E-mail
Sales Cycle - Negotiation
Written by Mike & Joe   

Working on a dealHow Most Complex Sales Professionals Destroy Their Deal Size

Most sales professionals do not go into a sales cycle thinking, “What is the best way that I can completely destroy the value of this sale?”

This would be self-destructive and totally counterintuitive. Nevertheless, a huge number of sales professionals engage regularly in the one activity that is the most likely to do just this. They negotiate with themselves.

An Example of Self-Negotiation

A prospective customer has expressed interest in your products and you are going into your first sales meeting. You start by explaining to your prospect what your product does, how it can help the company, and why it is valuable. So far so good. But then, you say something like, “The list price for this package is $15,000 but this is by no means non-negotiable. We can usually knock of ten or fifteen percent.”
Turn Off the TV; Get Out and Sell! PDF Print E-mail
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Sales Planning - Territory Plan
Written by Joe   

Selling in a Down EconomyA Sales Plan for a Down Economy

During tough economic times like these, salespeople tend to let the following three thoughts dominate their minds:

1. All of my associates or employees are plagued by recession blues.
2. The news media is constantly moaning and groaning about the doom and gloom status of the economy.
3. To top it off, my customers are getting sucked into this negative attitude as well, making it harder than ever to prop up sales and keep my business running smoothly.

All of these things may be true, but you need to remember that this is not the whole story. These three facts are things that you have no control over. No matter how much time you spend worrying about them, you won't be able to solve the problem. Instead, concentrate on things that you do have control over.
Get Inside Your Customers' Heads PDF Print E-mail
Sales Cycle - Discovery
Written by Mike & Joe   

Image LogoHow a Down Economy Alters Customer Buying Philosophy

Understanding your customer is always key, but it is never more important than when you are selling in a down economy. Improve your sales territory planning by getting hip to changes in customer philosophy that accompany recession-time business.

During a recession, salespeople need to recognize the changes that occur in customer philosophy. When the economy gets tough, customers need different kinds of products than they do during a booming economy. They start to look more critically at products that they intend to buy and they will no longer do business without knowing how the product will either cut their costs or increase their revenue in the short term. While this can become a difficult situation for sellers who intend to continue making zero-effort sales, for sellers who are willing to get inside of their customer's heads this can be a great opportunity to increase sales on products which directly target their customers' concerns.

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